Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby Left With Stranger At Lodi Gas Station:

A woman left her newborn baby with a stranger at a gas station and then left, police said Monday.

Police said around 12:15 p.m., a woman at the Arco gas station at 800 E. Kettleman Lane handed a Chico State student a bundle in a green towel and then went away.

Police said a six-pound baby boy was wrapped in the towel.

The student took the baby to Lodi Memorial Hospital, police said.

The baby appears to be fine, police said, and has been named "Mercury."

Hospital officials said the baby was six or seven hours old.

Before walking away, the woman said, "I can't deal with this," the student said.

The baby's mother is described as a Hispanic female, about 23 to 28 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, about 135 pounds. She had brown hair in a ponytail, and had a pierced lower lip and was wearing black clothing, police said.

The student said she was driving a gold car, possibly a Hyundai, police said.

The mother could face felony abandonment charges, police said, because the baby was not taken to a safe center.


♥TonyaJean♥ said...

OK! I just can't see how anyone could do that to their child! It makes me mad that people would do this. If they don't want the child then give it up for adoption or something. Don't just leave the child somewhere. It's people like this that make me upset that do this to their children. Maybe people should stop having sex if they don't want to deal with it!!!!

akw-bbstar/lay-up said...

I would have to agree with Tonya. If you don't want the child give it up for adoption. Don't just hand it to someone who does not even now you.