Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Police: Fake Cab Driver Raped Girl

A registered sex offender is facing charges in connection with the sexual assault of a mentally disabled teen.

Police said 25-year-old Gerald Terry pretended to be a taxicab driver and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl in the cab in October.

Police said the teen took the cab to travel from a North Haven school to her Naugatuck home.

A police investigation determined that Terry subleased the cab without the knowledge of the managers of the cab company.

Terry, at the time of the alleged assault, was a registered sex offender and was wanted on charged of violation of probation, according to police.

He is facing charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and interfering with a police officer. He was formally charged on Dec. 7 and was given an additional bond of $300,000.


♥TonyaJean♥ said...

I can't understand why people love getting into trouble. He was on probation, he should of known better to break it. But some people just don't care and think nothing will happen to them. But they are wrong. No one is going to get away with this kind of stuff!!!!

ALI~ANN said...

That guy should go to jail for life. I ahte people who think they can get away with sexual assault even if the girl doesn't tell. Like Half the women that are sexually assaulted or raped don't say anything. Think of all those bad people out there that have gotten away with it. Plus this guy is just stupid he had to know he was going to get into trouble. I don't get anyone these day's.!.?.!.?.!...