Thursday, January 10, 2008

Johnstown Man Accused Of Beating 3 Children He Was Trying To Adopt

A Johnstown man is accused of beating three young children he was trying to adopt.

Christopher Ellis, 31, of Sell Street, faces charges of assault and endangering children, a felony.

The three children, who were all younger than the age of 10, are back in foster care.

Investigators said the three children were beaten with a paddle with several air holes drilled in it. Police said Ellis' beatings caused bleeding and soreness so intense the children couldn't sit in their chairs at school.

After the school nurse examined the children, all three were taken to the hospital for treatment.

"How many people paddle their children to the extent where they have blood coming from their rear end, or they can't sit down for a long period of time afterward? We believe that to be excessive, as well as the DA's office did, and with them we filed the charges," said Johnstown police Capt. Andy Frear.

Ellis, who had not been arrested as of 2 p.m. Wednesday, is expected to make his first court appearance on Jan. 31. Stay with Channel 6 News and for continuing coverage.

I hate these kind of people...


♥TonyaJean♥ said...

If you're going to adopt children, you don't beat them. What is wrong with these people?? Man, sometimes I swear people could be so stupid in the head!!!!!!

Fujiwara (Jamie) said...

I know right?