Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Police: Dad Fatally Slammed Girl's Head

Police said a 17-month-old child, allegedly injured by her father when she wouldn't quit crying, died today.

The little girl had undergone surgery for severe head injuries on Friday and had been listed in critical condition since then.

Bossier City police said her father Lance David Thamm, 34, is accused of pushing the child's head into a doorjamb with violent force after he became frustrated with her because she wouldn't quit crying.

Thamm had been jailed on attempted murder charges. Those charges could be upgraded to first-degree murder charges now that the child has died.

Fire Department paramedics were called to a Bossier City apartment Friday in response to a call that the little girl was unresponsive. The mother came home after talking to Thamm on the phone and then called 911.

Police say Thamm had told the mother that the toddler was hurt and he didn't know what happened.

Police began investigating after medical personnel at Christus Schumpert Hospital alerted them.


That poor little girl. How could he harm his daughter? That's rediculous! I don't like people like this. I've said that before and I'm sticking to my word. What do think about this?


♥TonyaJean♥ said...

I totally agree with you Jamie. I can't stand hearing how parents hurt their own children. And like I said before "THEY ALL NEED A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE." I don't think they would like what they felt! I wish their was something we could do to protect their children but it's kind of hard. I hope some parents open their eyes and realize that hurting your children is not the answer! But I don't think any of them will listen.....

Ghost Council of Orzhova( Bryan ) said...

I think that is a shame!! How would they feel if someone beat no them. It could have been that as a child they were beaten.